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Meet Camilla: Danish Born Beauty

MEET CAMILLA: Danish born beauty

A true free spirit, Scandinavian beauty Camilla Christensen says she loves being ‘on the go’. Scouted as a ballet dancer just aged 16 in Copenhagen Denmark, she has never looked back. ‘I am energy’ is how she joyfully describes herself. ‘I love that modelling allows me to be on the move all the time and meet so many different people’.

Who I am
I’m Camilla, I’m from Denmark. How would I describe myself? I am energy’.

Career high
Everything has been kind of amazing. Travelling has been my favourite part.

My dream date
My boyfriend. Why? I don’t know how to answer why. Because he’s amazing.

Your best packing tip
Oh I’m a pro-packer. Always fold everything.

Most silly holiday souvenir.
Oh I’ve bought so many stupid souvenirs I don’t think I have one particular one, I have too many at home.

Summer is…
Warm, sweaty and naked

You never leave the house without?

The most incredible swim of your life?
I went to Kenya with my mum a few years ago and swimming in the sea there was just amazing.

Who makes you laugh
I do!

What do you miss most about home?
Nothing really. I love being on the go, I don’t miss much about being at home.

Happiness means…
Love and life to me

The word you use most often but wish you didn’t
The F word. But I can’t swear!

The fear you really want to conquer this summer
I got no fears. I’m fearless.

What’s next?
I’m going to Denmark for a couple of days then I’m back to New York