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Meet Chelsey: The Supersonic Dutch Model

MEET CHELSEY: the supersonic Dutch model

The supersonic Dutch model who loves cycling around Amsterdam as much as her dad’s jokes. Hailing from Amsterdam, model Chelsey Weimar has lived in New York for the past two years. Quintessentially Dutch, she happily admits missing her easy-going days cycling around Amsterdam, ‘just being who I am’. Boasting over 100 K followers on Instagram with a successful modelling career, has allowed her to travel around the world giving her the opportunity to discover so much more about different global cultures; ‘this is the bit about my job I really love’ she says.

Who I Am?
I’m Chelsey, I’m from Amsterdam but I’ve been living in New York for two years.

As a teenager ..
I was always quite happy as a teenager, but my Mum’s always told me that I was totally different as a baby. I didn’t stop crying and I never slept. Now I am completely the opposite of course I love sleeping, I’m pretty quiet and mostly very happy.

My Career High
Meeting so many different and interesting people, getting a taste of so different cultures, travelling the world. I mean where we are now in Ibiza is pretty amazing. I so grateful for having this job.

Your Dream Date
Beyonce or Angelina Jolie. Those are my power women, I would love to meet them.

What makes a holiday perfect?
Food is the most important thing. I love eating. But obviously the people who you are with. Just having dinner, enjoying the food that you’re having with great people. That makes a holiday perfect.

Your best ever packing tip
Prepare your outfits before you go.

You never leave the house without?
My phone and lip-balm.

Summer in three words
Sun, good food and the ocean.

Who makes you laugh?
I pretty much laugh at my own jokes. I guess if I didn’t who else would. But I guess my Dad is the person who really makes me laugh.

You get homesick for?
My family of course. But I miss riding my bike, getting on my Vespa, driving my car. I suppose it’s being able to do my own thing whenever I want.

Happiness means…
Being able to do what you love and working hard reach your goal.

Your ultimate goal?
To be the best at what I’m doing right now. But also to be independent and take care of my family when they need me. They have always taken care of me, so being able to take care of them when they’re older is really important for me.

The word you use too often?
Dude. Like ‘oh my god dude’. I’m not a guy – I mean stop saying dude it’s not cool!

The fear you want to conquer this summer?
Either sky-diving or scuba-diving. I always have ear problems, it’s not a fear it’s a problem but I would love to go scuba diving and see beautiful ocean.

Up next?
I love being in New York and I’m really excited to have renewed my lease which means I’m going to be there for two more years. I love what I do seeing new places there’s always something different happening for me.